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A scent for every mood.
TATAYAB is an online platform specialized in perfumes. The brand was among the fastest growing technological brands in the GCC. We were asked to develop the whole brand.
Brand Strategy + Visual Identity
Perfume is simple (sprayed smelly alcohol) however, its production is very complicated. This contrast between simplicity and complexity is what gives the perfume its beauty and value. Thus, we adopted this analogy of “contrast” as a main brand direction for TATAYAB. We developed an entirely new contemporary brand image and positioned the brand as the place that has “A scent for every mood”. We built a strong icon that represents the most essential part of the perfume which is the “Drop” and the letter “T”. In fact, we created a comprehensive visual language that could be applied to everything where the main focus was on what people would recall, which in this case is the shipping box – seeing that the box brings happiness to the client before even seeing the item. It was a main focus and the experience evolved around it.