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YELO! Pizza
The sexiest duck in k-town.
YELO! Pizza is currently perceived as of the trendiest Kuwaiti startups across the audience that they targeted (18-25 year old hipsters). We were tasked with creating a brave, new brand. One that we came up with from scratch!
Visual identity
The challenge was to strategically design a brand that stands out from the rest as the Kuwaiti F&B market is now booming with new concepts.
We observed and analyzed the target audience and found that they were obsessed with the Friends TV series. It was the spark for the concept that we built for YELO! We asked ourselves: Who is the most lovable personality that loves pizza? The answer was “Joey Tribbiani”. He is cool, fun and known for having a plastic DUCK! That’s it. We decided to use the duck as a way to make the brand standout from competitors. The duck was used as a main brand code.