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The Beauty of Purity.
Argania is a beauty and personal care brand which uses pure Argan oil as their fundemental ingredient in all their products. It is a Kuwaiti brand that manufactures its products in Morocco, where its lands are rich with Argan trees.
Brand Strategy + Naming + Visual Identity + Photography
With the intent of offering the purest ingredients, we have developed an entirely new and contemporary brand image that positions itself where the purest Argan oil is found. The story behind the name Argania was inspired by the Argan tree itself called “Argan Spinosa”. Shedding light on “the origin” of the tree provides an indirect message that emphasizes the quality and purity of the products. The design direction was minimal and modern, representing an earthy look and feel. The colors used in the packaging and social media aim to translate the brand’s purpose. The dark green colors are used to illustrate the earthy theme inspired by the deep color of nature. The pink color was inspired to represent the human skin. Together, the colors represent what the brand purely is, natural products for the skin.