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Mukha Coffee
MUKHA is a specialty coffee brand founded by a well-known Kuwaiti student studying in LA known as the 228 group. The brand was established in 2017 and recently commissioned us to dig deeper, develop and design the way they should look and feel. In short, rebranding the business to “meet the new standard”, a motto that has been developed by MUKHA team to represent their new position in GCC market.
The Rebrand exercise was all about understanding the brand heritage and DNA. We believe that there are two key factors that makes MUKHA unique. First is the soul and the story of 228 group. Second is the meaning behind the name itself which is a well-known coffee exporting center in Yemen, a major marketplace in the world for high quality coffee. We have developed bold and contemporary image for MUKHA that shows authenticity behind the brand. We introduced a new abstract icon that illustrates a colliding of two drops that shapes a coffee mug! A drop of coffee is what the business is all about and a drop of water which is inspired by the brand name. The icon was the main brand code and the essence on which we built the brand elements and overall experience.